Building a community around your blog using Scrollback chat

The web is buzzing with bloggers. How do you ensure that the reader comes back to your blog and is not distracted by others that cover the same space, probably with similar content as you? To retain your readers and ensure that they keep visiting, it’s important that you go beyond content and build a community around your blog.

Here are five ways on how you can use Scrollback to build an active and engaging community:

1) Give your readers easy access to you

Scrollback’s blog chat feature can be easily embedded onto your blog. When a visitor comes to your blog, they will be able to see the chat window and have instant access to you for questions and comments on your posts. Live conversations are more engaging and will help you establish a strong connection with your reader.

2) Enabling conversations among your readers

The readers of your blog are enthusiasts of the space you cover. As Scrollback’s blog chat feature is essentially built for group conversations, you can use it as a platform to spark interesting discussions. Getting your readers to connect to one another and have conversations with each other will contribute to your community building. Live discussions on trending topics in your space will supplement your blog itself and be a hook to attract audiences back to your blog.

3) New post updates

Scrollback blog chat can be followed by users. Every time you write a new blog post, drop a message in the chat window. Everyone following your blog chat will get an email update on your post and link redirecting them to the blog. This feature will also help you build your following and strengthen your community.

4) Position yourself as your industry voice

Scrollback blog chat will help you host live ‘Ask me anything’ sessions or guest blogger interviews directly on your blog. The URL’s for Scrollback blog chats can be shared and by sharing the time and date of these sessions along with the chat URL, you will attract more traffic to your website around these sessions. Be consistent with the timing of your blog posts and live chats. Your readers will get accustomed to it and visiting your blog will become a habit.

5) Get better rankings on web search

All conversations on your Scrollback blog chat are Search Engine Optimized. This increases your chances of showing up on web searches and bringing traffic to your blog.

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