Scrollback gets a makeover!

If you are reading this, stop right now and log onto  Presenting, our new avatar - Scrollback 2.0.

Staying true to our commitment to community conversations, our new web and mobile app aims to bring you a perfect community experience. Here is what has changed with Scrollback. For starters, we are prettier with an improved user interface. Again, check us out at

We now give you a dashboard that lets you build your personal profile and view not just the rooms you follow but also the featured rooms that are trending on Scrollback! We have redefined threads that make it convenient for you participate in and  different discussions on your room. We have retained the real time chat element on Scrollback while incorporating a forum like look and feel that helps switching through different discussions and chat rooms easier.

The new version of Scrollback is a result of innumerable user studies that we have conducted over the last one year; our clearest expression yet of our vision for online communities. It also lays the foundation for a whole new set of features that we will be rolling out in the next few months. ( Psst… we hear something about private rooms and photo/video sharing)

So check out our new version and tell us what you think, better yet let the world know by showing us some love on facebook and showering us with your tweets.