I am a community manager. Yes it’s a real job!

As part of my job, I do sales, I do outreach, I do events, I manage people and people’s expectations. And yet, the most difficult part of my job is writing my own JD! Here is a shout out to all the amazing community managers running their communities on Scrollback; Oh heck.. to all you community managers out there - YOU ARE AMAZING!

Here are ten reasons why we community managers kick ass:
  1. We don’t just sell - We build an experience for our users. 
  2. We are awesome at people management - Think of the last time you tried to get everyone on your team to agree on something. Now think of your community manager who deals with hundreds of people day in and day out. 
  3. We are on the go - Always! Queries, feedback, complains, campaigns – we are ready out there, fending the brand. 
  4. We think on our feet. The world can be cruel with trolls, angry users and unintended faux pas. We are there to deal with it. 
  5. We are wordsmiths and we are witty - Communication is our forte …try messing with that! 
  6. We are great at multi-tasking. We write, we design, we organize events, we post, we tweet, we talk… mostly two or more at the same time. 
  7. We make amazing moderators - Everyone has opinions and managing communities means dealing with a whole lot of them. We have super ninja moderator sills. Whether it’s to calm the angry, get people to agree with each other or get them to agree to disagree -We have done it all! 
  8. Our work is 24*7 - As long as there are people on the internet and a phone that lets us reach out to them, we work. 
  9. We are passionate -We are the face of our brand and talking about it is a part of our job. No one can wing it. We are passionate about the brands we work for and hence we can engage a community who feels the same. 
  10. We love our jobs -What's there not to!?